God Time

Glorantha was created by its deities from the Primal Void of Chaos. At first, there was no history, for the initial creation formed the period of magic and timeless simultaneity called God Time. During this time, the entire world was populated with the beings and races of the Golden Age.

The birth into this world of Umath, the Primal Air, shattered the period of peace with crowding, confusion, and fear. This escalated into the Gods War, which eventually resulted in the death of the Sun, also known as Yelm the Emperor. It wasn’t an accidental death; Orlanth, the chief god of g Air and the supreme god of the pantheon the player characters are mostly likely allied with, slew Yelm to prove he was greater than the Emperor. Orlanth succeeded, but the death of Yelm plunged the world into the Great Darkness and allowed ? Chaos and the Devil to break reality into many tasty splinters. When the world’s greatest defenders are trolls who are happy to eat everyone, even Chaos, you know things are dire. The world’s death seemed near.

But Glorantha was not destroyed. Spurred on by Hope and Chance, the Seven Lightbringers (led by a remorseful Orlanth) traveled through the Chaos-ridden Cosmos and, after harrowing adventures, liberated the life-giving Sun God. The joyful god leapt to his rightful place in the sky and the Great Darkness was banished.

To keep entropic Chaos from coming to their realm again, the gods swore great oaths and compacts resulting in the Great Compromise. Essentially the gods promised to remove themselves from the world and lock themselves into the mythical acts by which they had originally created (and almost destroyed) the world. Mortals are free to live as they please, since their wars are assumed to lack the power to destroy reality. Men call this Time. By altering the world, the gods saved it, and history began.

God Time

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