Second Age

Out of this shattered world grew new political entities.

Among the most powerful was the state called the Empire of the Wyrms Friends. This empire, centered in Dragon Pass, lasted for 500 years, proud of and famous for their friendship with the dragons and wyrms of the pass. The peoples and places thrived, made contact with two other continents, and delved deep into spiritual byways.
After several hundred years the traditional rulers were replaced by a ruling body of men and gods called the Third Council. Legends relate that there was no telling the men from the gods in the council chambers.

But the magic of the council could not counter the miseries of its worshipers, or control the swords of the rebels who did not sacrifice to them. Foreign gods gained power and prestige as the provinces of the Third Council revolted or were overrun by invaders.
At last the council turned its energies to defending its worshipers. Epic battles raged across the land. Finally, the dragonewts, dormant for centuries, rose against the council and slew them all.

Some seventy-eight years later the human allies aiding the destruction of the empire turned against the dragonewts. With few allies, they seemed helpless before the destroying might of the Invincible Golden Horde. Dragonewt nests were scoured with wildfire, planted with seeds laid by Chaotic parasites, sealed by diseases unnamable, and cursed by fear and loathing for any that would mourn them.

Heartless and relentless, the humans crushed and plundered, but when they closed in upon Dragon Pass the assembled human armies met those who would mourn the loss of dragonewts. The dragons from all across Time and Space assembled in their ancestral home to preserve the purity of their birthplace. The Dragonkill War got its name from what the dragons did, not what they suffered. Humans have feared the dragons since that time, despite draconic indifference, and none now seek to smash the eggs of the dragonewts, even though they might plunder a nest city.

Second Age

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