Third Age

Dragon Pass was abandoned by humanity. Elsewhere, old empires shook and the seas were utterly closed to human crossing. New kingdoms rose to fill the power vacuums and new magic and deities broke free from ancient shackles.

A bit more than a thousand years after the Dawn, the Red / Moon Goddess rose in the region called Peloria, to the north of Dragon Pass. In her were balanced Constancy and Change, Life and Death, Love and Indifference, and all the dichotomies of the Universe, including a touch of Chaos. Her arrival changed the face of the land.

After living in Glorantha a short time she ascended to the heavens where she remains in her cyclical beauty, viewing the land, which she left to her family below. The ever-reincarnating Red Emperor of the Lunar Empire is her son and her pride.

The Lunar Empire expanded from its founding. When defeated it rebounded stronger than ever. They went north to the icy wastes, east to the bounds of the horse barbarian lands, and west until they were halted by the magical Syndics Ban. But in the south the empire continued to grow and grow.

When they reached Dragon Pass they found it populated again. Moreover, it was dominated by the Kingdom of Sartar, ruled by a wise dynasty cautious to maintain the great and magical laws that gave it its strength.

Despite initial defeats, the Red Emperor eventually marched almost unhindered into the Sartar capital of Boldhome. He defiled the Temple of Sartar, sent Orlanth and Ernalda the Earth Queen into a Lunar hell, and ravaged the city. So far, it was the typical Lunar conquest.

But the remnants of the Household of Sartar incited the natives to rebel against the empire. The bravery and glory of Sartar’s fight for independence attracted volunteers. Adventurers from around Glorantha were drawn to the Orlanthi cause.

Third Age

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