It is five years after the failed Starbrow’s Rebellion, early in the Sea Season of 1618. Each year the Colymar tribe holds the Flamal Festival at the Clearwine Earth Temple. More commonly called the “Feast of Beasts”; the festival attracts farmers and thanes from all of the Colymar clans and beyond – and even a delegation of satyrs, centaurs, foxwomen and ducks from the Beast Lands. The festival celebrates the new vintage of clearwine and many barrels of the ice wine are consumed as the festival-goers drink to great excess, enjoying the bounty of Flamal and Ernalda.

Your clan chief, Jarang, has consulted the oracles, which selected you and your clan mates to represent the clan at the festival. Girding yourselves for travel, you prepare to travel to the Sartar capital of Boldhome.

The Hands of a Hero

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