Solar Pantheon

The rivalry between Emperor Yelm and King Orlanth goes back to the Godtime, and their conflict shaped the world. These are the solar gods most likely to appear in your campaign.

Shargash: Disorder, Fire/Sky, Death. The Red Planet, destroyer, and war god. A Great God, killer of Orlanth’s father, Umath.

Uleria: Life. She’s too fundamental to be restricted to one pantheon.

Yelm: Stasis, Fire/Sky. Sun god and emperor.

Yelmalio: Light, Truth. Lightfore, the Cold Sun, an honorable warrior and worthy ally. He lost his Fire/Sky in the Godtime and now is a god of Light. For a PC, you can fudge it and give the PC gifts associated with the Fire/Sky rune.

Solar Pantheon

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